Final Conflict Band Bio

Resonating Punk-Hardcore-Metal Music Over the Years

If you are a fan of fast and hardcore punk music with political lyrics, you should know more about Final Conflict punk rock band. The mix of punks and metalheads in their music made them one of the first bands to be part of the “crossover” genre.

Band Formation

Final Conflict was formed in 1983 with original members Jeff Harp (lead guitarist) and Johnny Daniels (vocals). Eventually, Dale Dang (drums) and Rob Justice (bass) joined the band. After several line-up changes, the only constant member is Jeff Harp who played the guitar.

Music Type

Known to be the first anarchist street punk/hardcore punk band from Los Angeles/Orange Country area, their songs often had messages tackling political issues like anti-war, anti-right-wing politics, women’s rights among many others. However, in one recent interview, the members said that even though their songs contain political lyrics, they are not pushing for any belief system. What they advocate is for you to live the life you want. 

Music Influence

The band recognizes their breakthrough to be attributed mainly to Jeff Harp. They said that the band’s inspiration was really into combining the music elements of Black Sabbath, Crucifix, Discharge, and the Germs.

The band’s objective is to push punk music to further extremes and make it more lethal and dynamic.

Albums and Singles

One of the most popular albums that the band released was “Ashes to Ashes” in 1988. Three members, Ron Martinez (Vocals), Jeff Harp (Guitar), Warren Renfrow (Bass) created this album and are the current members of the band with drummer Nick Manning as the most current addition. When Warren Renfrow is not available, the band has replacement bassists, Travis Laws and Shane McLachlan, the latter being a member of grindcore band “Phobia.”

“Ashes to Ashes” was initially released on Pushead’s Pusmort Records in 1988, and then later released via Relapse Records in 1994. Tankcrimes Records reissued the said album in 2014 prompting several show appearances from the band in Maryland Deathfest, Tankcrimes’ Brainsqueeze Fest in Oakland and in Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas where they received an overwhelming reception although as they say, their music is already dated.

An unforgettable single of the band from the album “Ashes to Ashes” is “Abolish Police” which directly criticized the police force.

The band made other albums after “Ashes to Ashes” which include “Rebirth” in 1997, “No Peace On Earth, No Rest in Hell” in 2006, and “Nineteen Eighty-Five Demo” in 2013.

Other singles released by Final Conflict include “The American Scream” in 1992, “Institution” in 1995, and “Face Extinction” in 1995.

Closing Note

Although the band never really became wildly successful, the band’s music is credited to have far-reaching influence to other musicians especially those who are just starting out. Also, the band is still regularly playing and making music  30 years from when they first started.

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